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Updated on: 05/08/2024

Hank Gibson is the owner of Texas Top Aviation, LLC (www.txtopaviation.com) and The Aviator's Academy (www.aviatorsacademy.com). At Texas Top Aviation, Hank and his team of instructors teach in Cirrus Aircraft (Hank is a Platinum CSIP and employs one other CSIP, plus another of his instructors is scheduled to get his CSIP), Columbia Aircraft (Hank went through the Cessna FITS Accepted Instructor training for the Columbia at the Cessna Factory in 2012), the Piper PA46 line of aircraft, and TBM Aircraft. Hank has over 9,000 hours of total time, of which 6500 hours are dual given, so he knows how to teach! At The Aviator's Academy, we understand that pilots hate that feeling of not knowing what button to push on their glass panel. We teach pilots to gain proficiency and understanding with their glass panels so that they will operate their glass panels with confidence in any airspace. Check out The Aviator's Academy courses today!


  • Platinum CSIP
  • Approved PA46
  • Approved TBM
  • Columbia CFI
  • Aircraft Sales
  • Buyer's Agent

FAA Certificates & Ratings

Flight Instructor

  • Single-engine
  • Multiengine

Ground Instructor



As a Pilot

  • Since 2006 (18+ years)
  • Total Flight Time = 9,000 hours (est.)

As a Flight Instructor

  • Since 2009 (15+ years)
  • Dual Instruction Given = 6,500 hours (est.)

My Company

Texas Top Aviation, LLC

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