About Dayton

Updated on: 05/17/2024

Thanks for considering me as your flight instructor. I am a second-generation pilot that began flight training at 14 years old out of a passion for aviation. That passion still continues today as a flight instructor in both gyroplanes and airplanes, and as a professional corporate pilot. My goal is to continue to keep the love for aviation alive with all of my students while transferring as much knowledge as I can from my experiences, as well.

I offer flight instruction for everything private through commercial as well as instructor in gyroplanes and airplanes, as well as offer instrument and multi-engine airplane instruction. I can provide training in a rental Cessna 172, or your own aircraft, as well.

If you need pilot examiner services, I can presently provide that in gyroplanes, and hope to add airplane examiner privileges soon, as well.


  • Pilot Examiner
  • Fly Most Planes
  • Airplane & Gyro

FAA Certificates & Ratings

Flight Instructor

  • Single-engine
  • Multiengine
  • Gyroplane
  • Airplane
Sport Pilot
  • Airplane
  • Gyroplane


As a Pilot

  • Since 2002 (21+ years)
  • Total Flight Time = 5,000 hours (est.)

As a Flight Instructor

  • Since 2010 (13+ years)
  • Dual Instruction Given = 3,000 hours (est.)

My Company

Lone Star Magni Gyro, Inc.