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Updated on: 04/28/2024

I’m a retired Air Force KC-135 pilot and instructor. After retiring from the Air Force and moving to Austin, I continued to fly as a part time or full-time instructor. I’m not multiengine current but am now fully retired and continuing to instruct single engine and instruments at KGTU, KAUS and KEDC.


  • Experienced
  • High Standards
  • Patient

FAA Certificates & Ratings

Flight Instructor

  • Single-engine
  • Multiengine
  • Airplane


As a Pilot

  • Since 1974 (49+ years)
  • Total Flight Time = 9,915 hours (est.)

As a Flight Instructor

  • Since 1980 (43+ years)
  • Dual Instruction Given = 6,475 hours (est.)

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